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Breast Thermography Clinic

Thermogram Picture

Dates: Saturday April 29 to Monday May 1st
Hours: 10am-4pm
Location: 10195 Main Street Suite D, Fairfax, VA 22031

  • Thermography is an effective and essential screening tool with 90% sensitivity and specificity geared toward early detection of breast changes and abnormalities.
  • It offers individualized assessment with an adjunctive role in breast cancer detection and prevention.
  • It's completely safe: no radiation, no breast compression, and can be performed on women 25 years and older. FDA approved since 1982.

Please call the office or email neckbackandbeyond@gmail.com today for your Appointment! For more information visit our Thermography Page

BioMat Sessions

BioMat Cat

Olive Hoover, The BioMat Cat - She knows what's good for her!

Some BioMat Facts:

  • It's great for people as well as your favorite pets.
  • It is a very soothing heat energy penetrating the body on a deep cellular level.
  • The BioMat uses Japanese Kurare Carbon ceramic (Patent 1386560), and has electrical consumption of 60% less as compared to other electric mattresses.
  • The BioMat has a special function that emits Negative Ions and transforms +Ions to -Ions in the human body resulting in increased strength and energy along with the relief of pain.
  • The Kurare's Super Fiber Materials generate far infrared rays (8-12 micron) which are more readily absorbed by the body.
  • The BioMat has an advanced IC Chip and a soft touch control system.
  • The BioMat has 17 layers
  • The BioMat Professional is registered an FDA Class II Medical Device

Come by and schedule a session to experience this for yourself!

Also available for purchase by phone at 703-865-5690 or by email at neckbackandbeyond@gmail.com, so you can take one home and use it as long and as often as you want!

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